Mamma Mia Here We Go Again!

Did I mention that my hubby got us free tickets to Mamma Mia musical from The Star? πŸ™‚ We were there for the matinee show today…hehe So…was it good??? Well,…this is my verdict. It was…so-so. It wasn’t really spectacular. But maybe it’s because we were seated quite far away, and wasn’t able to ‘catch’ the mood or the vibes from the stage. Because towards the end of the show, everyone from tier 1 (first level) gave the performance a standing ovation. They even danced and clapped with them. I did too lah…but didn’t stand or dance.

Altho the sound system was weak, the cast was good. Donna sang well (Although, I still think Meryl Streep did it better haha But my hubby’s rationale was, in movies, they get to cut and edit, and THEY DON’T SING LIVE πŸ˜› ya lah ya lah i know lah…I LIKE MERYLL! DON’t CHA GEDIT? hehe :P) Sophie was okay…there were times I couldn’t hear her voice. The 3 men did fantabulously! Ohhh ohh…let me not forget to mention the other men! haha To those of you who would like to see good looking, half naked, great bodies, talented men dance and sing live…this is worth the watch hehe

My favourite scene was the one where Tanya and her ‘toy boys’ danced at the beach. THAT WAS HILARIOUS! I seriously enjoyed that πŸ™‚

Anyways, to those who have not seen it, if it’s your first time watching a musical, I’d suggest you take the front seats πŸ™‚

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