A Cut Above Celebrates Its 30th!

I’ve never met someone as down to earth as Winnie Loo. The first time we ever “conversed” was via email, and since then we kept in touch quite regularly. And although we have met only twice, she remembers my name. She even remembers the name of my blog! I mean, for a person of her status, whom had had met so many other people, to remember my name and my blog, is truly an honour to me!

I feel very privileged to have known her. She’s definitely the epitome of class and substance. Winnie also serves as a great reminder to all of us, that no matter who or where you are, you can succeed if you believe in yourself. If you have passion, stick to it, fight for it, and let your love for it drive you ahead. When you steer it to the right direction, it’ll bring you even further in life. You and I know, Winnie’s career had a very humble beginning. Her salon was 428 sq ft then, and now there is a total of 5 other major outlets in the country! And she helped Malaysia gain a stronger foothold in the world map with her numerous international awards.

Despite all her success and achievements, Winnie remains humble and down-to-earth. In fact, she is also one of the most modest celebrity I’ve ever met. (Oh believe me, there are quite a number of those whom I’ve met who have their nose high up in the air.) And this opinion didn’t just come from me. My husband, who had the chance to meet up with Winnie at her A Cut Above’s 30th Anniversary, shared the same sentiment too.

Yes, A Cut Above is 30 next year 🙂 Oh and the party was a blast! Her hair show was superb. Should check out her Iconic Collection. I have 2 of my favourites in there hehe According to her, bob would still be a hit next year…you know those ala Victoria Beckham’s etc type? Dang, can’t wait to chop off my locks now! It’s getting longggggg haha Maybe I should pay A Cut Above a second visit hehe

Anyway, congratulations to you, Winnie, and to A Cut Above. I’m sure greater success awaits you and your team next year and in years to come 🙂

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  1. yeah, i went to her salon & got a haircut fr one of the stylist, am very very happy with the service & hair cut. wld definitely go back there again. and if i've got enough $, will ask winnie loo to cut my hair! hehehee


  2. benny. says:

    Yes, Winnie Loo and her hubby Richard is definitely one of the most humble and down to earth “celebrity status” couple that I’ve ever met. You should have seen how Richard was busy entertaining the guests while Winnie was busy managing her show, that he himself was grabbing the beer by the bottles and serving it to the guests, now that’s what I call a personal touch! And who says that there isn’t a man behind every successful woman? The only downside to the event was that the guests should have given Winnie some respect during her speech, but instead they were busy yakking away despite Winnie herself requesting for some attention. To those of you yakkers, yes, you know who you are, shame on you, and shame on you for being so called Winnie Loo’s friends and invited guests, you don’t deserve it! Anyway, wishing Winnie and her hubby a blessed year ahead and looking forward to their big anniversary bash next year!


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