My Christmas Gift :)

I was super elated when I opened my Christmas gift from my dearest husband, coz I never expected any from him. (And I felt so lousy for not getting him anything 😦 ) Not this year, especially after we have spent so much on our wedding. But, my husband, whom always believed in making his wife happy, never bothered all that, and bought me a little something for Christmas. And it’s something I’ve always wanted…. 🙂

I fell in love with its scent the first time I caught it at a departmental store (Issey Miyake’s original) and had been telling almost everyone about it haha I had never purchased it coz I already had so many other bottles of perfumes and I thought this particular one was slightly “overpriced” 😛 (I did buy the summer fragrance tho. Coz it was slightly cheaper haha but the scent wasn’t as good as the original’s)

And because he knew how much I wanted it, he bought it for me for Christmas 😀 Thank you so much deeeear! I love you! *mmmuax* Merry Christmas everyone!

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