Happy Birthday My Dear Friend…

Sunday is one of my dear friend’s birthday. He is one of those weird people whom I met during my working days in Singapore. Well yeah, he did make my life a living hell there, but without him I wouldn’t have appreciated the good days (hehehe dun boil ah dun boil LOL) so I guess, you can say I kinda treasured him as my friend. But at the same time, I hated him too. You know lah, those love-hate relationship 😛

Anyways, we went our separate ways, he continued to do what he does best (bitching), and I continued to do what I do best (the list is too long :P). And so we lost touch for a long while. Many cow years later, out of the blue, he ‘buzzed’ me on…where else…FACEBOOK! Man, I really thought I was able to like ‘sneak’ out of his life for good. Mana tau, he hunted me down! No thanks to FB Sighhhhh….

So ok, to cut the long story short, we were keeping in touch again. Not that it did me any good. He made my blood boil (like before), he made me spend more $, he made me bitch more, he made me gossiped like those aunties at the pasar, gosh the list is endless. But one thing he did good. He made me feel younger! HAHAHA So my dear fren, here’s a toast to you on your birrrthday! And this song, is dedicated specially to you hehe

Happy Birthday to you,
Nemesis is twenty two, (please thank me later :P)
You know you have frens who love you,
So please give us your presents too!!!!

By the way, did you manage to hold your breath long enough to blow all the candles? hehehe 😛

Nemesis, you know I say all of the above, out of love right! haha

Take care my dear buddy…*hugz* and I hope you had a great party! (It still wasn’t a blast lah, since I’m not there hahahaah :P)

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