You Must Be Free Now Hor?

My dear friends…who always say “Wah you must be damn free now…” or “So free now, come out yum cha lah” (Come out for drinks). Please do not misunderstand this term “Freelancer”…. It doesn’t mean FREE as in goyang kaki, doing nothing at home…Don’t get me wrong….Not that I don’t wanna come out and yum cha…I reaaaally want to,trust me, but really, I mean it when I say ‘busy’.

Freelancers WORK, and we WORK HARD πŸ˜› We are the writer, the sales person, the telephone operator, the traffic controller, the accountant and the HR executive. With all these roles in hand, HOW TO HAVE FREE TIME???? πŸ˜› In fact, this job requires alot of discipline and dedication. That’s why you gotta love what you do. If not, you’d be burnt out in no time!

But you know, I really wish that one day I could answer, “Yes, I’m free!” HAHA But I can’t…coz I’m NOT! At least not yet la πŸ˜› Who knows, maybe one day, I strike lottery! Then, I will hire people to do all the above job for me, while I goyang kaki and call you peepz go yum cha everyday k haha

Ok. I’m tired. Over and out!

(Btw, the women shelter plan had been postponed to next Saturday due to unforseen circumstances *sob*)

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