Love Makes the World Go ‘Round


A good friend of mine asked me to blog about this. And I’d like to thank him for sending me this great reminder. It is a great video, with a very important message.

This song made me realise a few things:
1) I’m very very fortunate to have all my basic needs fulfilled
2) I must learn to appreciate what I have

On the other hand, it also made me think how it would feel like to be in their shoes; stranded in the streets, ignored, forgotten and unwanted, and how I’d wish that someone would hear my cry for help. Instead, I see signboards like “Please Don’t Give to Beggars. They cause traffic.”

How thoughtful is that? We get so involved in this rat race that we begin to want more of everything; more money, more cars, more houses, more riches, more fame, that we care only for ourselves. Our greed and selfishness have led to consequences that are affecting everything around us – the earth, the economy, the level of poverty and sickness, the people, the earth and nature, to name a few.

We get so occupied in fulfilling our own needs and wants that we begin to forget what we were created from – Love. God’s Love.

Let’s show this world what God’s love is. Spread love and show more compassion.

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