The Big Bad Wolf Chomps Them All!

EVERYONE must go to the Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Sales. Bookaholics especially, ‘coz the Wolf’s irresistible offer would make you oblivious to the damage he would do to your kids and your pockets. The best part is, the whole place is air conditioned, so you won’t be sweltering 😀 A smart wolf huh 😉

It was a jungle out there I tell you…Kids were running amok at the sight of books that were at rock bottom prices, parents not knowing where to start (fiction/non-fiction/children??) and husbands helping their wives with the boxes of books. I even overheard (unintentionally lah!) this lady telling her partner, “Ok, I’m gonna start here. You go over there. We’ll meet at the exit.” LOL!

Anw, I bought 10 books for only RM77!! 😀 The picture attached was my purchase.

Despite what had been said about “other” book sales that were very disappointing, I didn’t regret going to the MPH Warehouse Sales held recently, because the books I bought there, weren’t sold at BBW 😛 **phew** Personally, I thought MPH Warehouse Sales had a wider selection of books as compared to BBW. But I was equally happy I was at BBW too…. 🙂 In fact, the BBW Sales wins all of the other sales I’d been to, hands down! Get this: An Hour to Live, An Hour to Love (in mint condition) was selling at only RM5!!!!! How could anyone beat that?!

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