Once On a Moonless Night by Dai Sijie

Nice cover, not so nice story. Here’s the synopsis:
This story revolves around a sacred text written on a scroll of silk, that was torn in two, by an emperor. A Chinese student living in France attended a meeting where she was asked to translate a professor’s plea for re-establishing the truth about the movie, ‘The Last Emperor’. After the meeting, she followed the prof who told her about this mysterious scroll. This intrigued the translator, who was determined to find out more. She then fell in love with a greengrocer, who happened to be the son of the translator of the language used in the scroll.

What I didn’t like about the whole book is the way the story is brought forward. Too many narrators were in the picture. It got kinda annoying. And I got lost in all the inverted commas. Some are not even where it should be.

Siggh…it’s been awhile since I enjoyed a good book!

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