THE Big Bookstore

Right. So here it is. THE Big Bookstore in Atria Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya – The everyday-sales bookstore 😀 Many reasons why I’m gonna be a frequent visitor of this place:
1) CHEAP CHEAP books
2) Ample parking space (FOC on Sundays! Not sure about Saturdays though…)
3) A wide variety of titles
4) The store is huuuuuge and spacious

Meet my four new tenants:

Could have bought more if not for my splurge at Pay Less haha Cost me only RM16.90 each, except for Illustrated Tales from Shakespeare, which was RM29.90, I think. Anyway, anyone living in the vicinity, should pay The Big Bookstore a visit 🙂 And if you’re a bookaholic just like me, make sure, you have ONE whole day! (If you can, try not to splurge anywhere else before that? :P)

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