Fantastic Giveaways for Mother’s Day!

This May, in conjunction with Mother’s Day,

Hooked On Bookz is giving away some really fantastic, great reads!

Summer at the Villa Rosa by Nicky Pellegrino (Rated 5 stars in
Raffaella Moretti is the new housekeeper at the Villa Rosa in the Italian town of Triento. But this is not the life she imagined for herself. Just a year ago, she married th eonly boy she ever loved – now she is a still-beautiful widow, attracting both pity and suspicion from her neighbours. As Raffaella struggles to recapture her lost happiness, those around her have their own problems. Then, Raffaella is pulled into the centre of a conflict that threatens to divide Triento – and destory all she holds dear.
Readers overall comments for this book were it being a perfect holiday read!

One Last Summer by Catrin Collier (Rated 5 stars in
East Prussia, 1939: Charlotte von Datski’s parents hold a glittering ball to celebrate her eighteenth birthday and her engagement. But Europe teeters on the brink of war and Charlotte will be forced to leave behind her beloved homeland and flee to England, carrying a secret that both strengthens and torments her. Years on, Charlotte’s granddaughter, Laura, is shocked when the truth of her grandmother’s past comes to light. As Charlotte rereads her diary and recalls the one great love of her life, she must finally face the demons that have haunted her for over half a century…
One reader commented: “It is a beautiful book and very movingly told. The introduction reveals that the book is based on the author’s own family experiences, and this shines through as she deals with what is a very difficult subject with great sensitivity and aplomb.”

The Perfect Man by Naeem Murr (Rated 5 stars in
Young Raive Travers hasn’t had much luck fitting in anywhere. Born to an Indian mother who was sold to his English father for £20, Raj abandoned by his relatives into the reluctant care of Ruth, an American romance writer living in Pisgah, Missouri. While his skin color unsettles most of the townsfolk, who are used to seeing things in black and white, the quick-witted Raj soon finds his place among a grouop of children his own age. But breaking free of demands of their families and community, comes a devastating price: As the chilling secrets of Pisgah’s residents surface, the madness that erupts will cost Raj his closest friend even as it offers him the life he always dreamed of.
One reader commented: “I’ve just finished this novel, Murr’s third published work which was longlisted for The Booker this year, and am amazed that I have heard relatively little about this author. This is definitely one of my top twenty books of the year and to my mind as good as the best of the 2006 shortlist.”

I love you Mum! by Juicy Lucy is a collection of little messages of love for the best Mum in the world. These love messages are beautifully illustrated with great designs based loosely on angels and fairies. Would definitely appeal to young girls! 🙂

1) Answer this correctly: “What are the 3 most recent books that Hooked On Bookz have reviewed?”

1) Get ALL correct.
2) Your entry is one of the first three* picked from the other entries with the correct answers.

Terms and Conditions:
1) You must have a Malaysian mailing address.
2) Your entry must reach before 30th April, 2010 before 12 midnight.
3) Please include your full name and your blog site (if you have one).
4) One entry per person.

The three* winners with the correct answers of this contest will win…

Combination 1: Summer at the Villa Rosa by Nicky Pellegrino + I love you Mom! By Juicy Lucy
Combination 2: One Last Summer by Catrin Collier + I love you Mom! By Juicy Lucy
Combination 3: The Perfect Man by Naeem Murr + I love you Mom! By Juicy Lucy

*The three winners will be picked randomly. The first winner picked will get combination 1, second combination 2 and third combination 3.

These books are courtesy of Pansing. THANK YOU, PANSING! 🙂

Special note to winners: Once you’ve completed these reads, could you ever so kindly, lend them to me pleeeease? haha Kidding, kidding!

Looking forward to receiving your entries! Good luck!

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