It’s a Book by Lane Smith

Title/Author: It’s a Book/Lane Smith
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
No. of pages: 26
ISBN 13: 978-1-59643-606-0

In a nutshell
With digital revolution carrying us forward, will our future generation recognise a book? In It’s a Book, the jackass is a ‘tech-freak’ fella who couldn’t recognise a book, and gets all curious when seeing the monkey holding one. He asks things like ‘Can it text? Blog? Scroll? Wi-Fi? Tweet?’ and annoyed the hell outta the monkey who he keeps telling the jackass ‘It’s a book’ again and again.

What I liked
Two words. Sweet. Delightful. Arghhh…I must add another one. Funny! Another one. Wonderrrrful! In only 26 pages, it captured my heart. Loved the monkey and the jackass and oooh the little mouse! 😀

I not only loved the very, simple, straight-forward, funny story, but also the beautiful illustrations. It says so much, so simply! I loved how the little changes in the monkey’s facial expression made so much difference in his mood and feelings. Not to mention also the series of picture when the jackass was reading the book. Great choice of colours, font type and size too!

This book would make an almost-perfect children’s book, if not for the word ‘jackass’ and how it’s used.

Great for
Anyone who loves reading! Probably a Christmas gift for a bookaholic? 😉

I’m still not sure if I’d recommend this book to children though. The last sentence, ‘It’s a book, Jackass’ sounds kinda harsh…I mean, how are you going to read that to a child?

Oh yeah, it has a video too! I’ve posted it on my blog before. You can view it here or search it on youtube. It’s just as entertaining. But nothing beats reading it from a book of course 😉

My verdict? Perfect 5!

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  1. Interesting. Hey will you review my book, Blackmail Bride? I can send you a copy….


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