Blackmail Bride by Normanda Whyte

Title/Author: Blackmail Bride/Normanda Whyte
Publisher: Ink-Slinger
ISBN: 978-1-908138-00-2

In a nutshell
Stalked by her abusive ex-husband, Lucy Grant is desperate for a protector. Lucy aims for the one man who is tough enough for the job, ex-convict Jack Welsh.

Found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit, Jack Welsh is convinced Lucy’s ex set him up. Jack will do anything it takes to clear his name – even if it means marrying Lucy.

What I liked
Although I’m not much of a romance novel fan, I enjoy reading about the relationship between Lucy and Jack – seeing how they helped and complemented each other in many ways. Jack’s confidence and protective nature helped Lucy with her fears and insecurities, while Lucy’s intelligence helped Jack in proving his innocence.

I’m in the middle of finishing the novel, but just couldn’t wait to put this up so that you could enjoy this story too 🙂 You can read the first chapter for free and buy it from here.

It’s Ellen Whyte’s (my interview with her here) 11th book but her first romance and her first e-book.

Blackmail Bride is available in Standard PDF, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony eReader formats.
The first 50 copies will be sold at £1.49 (converts to EUR1.78, US$2.32 or RM7.32)
The second 50 copies will be sold at £1.99 (EUR2.37, US$3.10 or RM9.77)
Every copy after that will cost £2.49 (EUR2.97, US$3.88 or RM12.25)

10% of the earnings will go to Furry Friends Farm, a no-kill animal sanctuary.

Thanks Ellen for the review copy! 🙂

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  1. thanks for the review! Hope you enjoy the ending…Au is eating 3 times as much as he was on Monday. This FIV miracle drug he's testing seems to be working. We're over the moon!


  2. A Bookaholic says:

    Glad to hear AU is getting better! PRAISE GOD! 😀


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