Oh yes….my dear ol’ friend, Bartimaeus IS BACK!!! The Ring of Solomon is prequel to the Bartimaeus Trilogy written by Jonathan Stroud. Here is a plot introduction I nicked from Wikipedia: It is the year 950 b.c. and King Solomon of Israel rules his empire from Jerusalem with a steely hand. Upon which rests a magic ring of incredible power. Among the many spirit slaves in the service of the king and his magicians is the djinni Bartimaeus, a spirit with extreme cunning, a sarcastic wit, and an unparalleled reputation for insolence. After botching a construction project, Bartimaeus is sent out into the desert to hunt down a group of bandits attacking Solomon’s trade routes, and in the process he encounters Asmira, a girl in the service of the Queen of Sheba. Soon afterwards she drags the reluctant djinni into a seemingly suicidal mission: Kill Solomon and steal the magic ring. This one has got some mix reviews though…: While not as good as the original trilogy, The Ring Of Solomon is still a worthy addition to the dark, delightful world of Bartimaeus. (For a full review, go here) Like the Bartimaeus Trilogy, Bartimaeus is amusing as ever. He does not disappoint and neither does the plot, nor most of the characters. (Read this here) So, am I gonna read it? MOST DEFINITELY! 😀 For my review of The Bartimaeus Trilogy, go here.

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