Diary of a Wimpy Vampire

Title/Author: Diary of a Wimpy Vampire: Prince of Dorkness/Tim Collins

Publisher: Michael O’ Mara Books

Pages: 224

ISBN 13: 978-184-317-524-7

In a nutshell

Nigel Mullet was transfored into a vampire at the awkward age of fifteen, and had remained this age for ever, and spent eternity struggling through a confusing, challenging adolescent phase. So yeah, this book is more suitable for kids aged 12 – 15.

After more than 80 years of being single, he finally got a girlfriend, Chloe. All was fine until Chloe begged him to turn her into a vampire. It frustrated him and he had tried delaying her request as long as possible by coming up with all sorts of excuses. He then regretted it when Chloe started hanging out with his nemesis, Jason, who later became Chloe’s boyfriend.

With that, Nigel vowed to get revenge. But the more he discovered about Jason, the more confused he got. He was just as good as Nigel in sports. And once, he saw Jason and his family take out 4 large bags of dog biscuits from a supermarket which seemed odd because Jason didn’t own any dogs. Who exactly is this Jason? Is Chloe safe with him?

My thoughts

Yes, Nigel the teen vampire is whiny and melancholic. He has lots to say and lots to complain. I thought I might not survive the first few pages of his diary as he wallowed in self pity. But I soldiered on. I did enjoy some of his dorkness, witty remarks and the humorous sketches.

I’ve never read Wimpy Kid before so I can’t compare. I gave Wimpy Vampire a try because one of my students is reading Whimpy Kid and I thought, maybe it’s time I find out what kids are reading these days and what is it in these books that interests them. I guess it’s the simplicity and straight forwardness that draw them and that it presents the conflicts that teenagers face these days – crushes, competition, peer pressure, school, parents and siblings.

His diary got kinda draggy and unbearable towards the second half of the book. I skipped a few pages, but it did have its ‘amusing’ witty moments.

Who should read this?

I’d recommend this to teenagers and those who’d like to have something light, amusing and straight-forward to read.

FYI: This book feels like it’s a combination of Diary of Wimpy Kid and Twilight.

My verdict? 3/5

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Xweing says:

    Sound like Twilight except this time the wimpy kid is 'Edward' instead of 'Bella' HAHAHA!


  2. A Bookaholic says:

    Hehehe appropriately put lol Bella is sooo out I tell you…just the trailer itself puts me off! haha :p


  3. Interesting idea.


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